I’ve always been an animal lover, but it wasn’t until I met my best friend, Roscoe, that I knew my calling in life: to rescue as many pets as possible, no matter their species.

I met Roscoe by a simple twist of fate. My friend, Bill, asked me to join him to meet a dog he was interested in adopting at a local dog rescue organization, and I was happy to tag along. When Bill and I stepped into the meet and greet area – a huge, fenced-in yard with a dozen or so dogs frolicking around – the most adorable creature I’ve ever seen walked right up to me, dropped a tennis ball at my feet, and assumed the pouncing position. I’m no dog whisperer, but I knew if I didn’t throw that tennis ball that I’d break this little mutt’s heart. So naturally, I tossed it!

For the next half an hour, I was in an epic game of fetch with the insistent little pooch. I was in love, and submitted an adoption application. The rest is history – he came home with me about a week later, and he’s been my best friend ever since!

As for Bill? Don’t worry – I didn’t “steal” Roscoe from him. Bill adopted his fur baby, and the four of us hit the dog park together every chance we get!